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Sisters of St. Francis Xavier

The arrival of the Society of Foreign Mission of Paris (MEP) to Myanmar in 1856 was a blessing for both country and Catholic Mission in Myanmar. Bishop Alexander Cardot who has become the founder of the Congregation of SFX Sisters was one of the missionaries sent by Missions Etrangeres de Paris (MEP).  Born in January 10, 1857 in Besancon, France, Bishop Alexander Cardot was a zealous MEP missionary and a man of deep contemplative nature. At the age of 18, he entered the Seminaire de Missions Etrangeres de Paris ( MEP). He was ordained on September 20, 1879 and sent to be missionary  in the Church of Myanmar in November of that year.  He was consecrated  as Bishop of Southern part of Myanmar in 1894, succeeding the Great Bishop Ambrose Bigandet who passed away in advanced age,  in 1892 in Yangon.  


Bishop Alexander Cardot fully understood that educating the people was not only propagating the faith but also raising the whole life of the people to the fullness of life. With this in mind, he founded the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis Xavier in 1897 on August 26, placing it under the patronage of St. Francis Xavier, the great missionary of Asia. The mission of the newly established Congregation is dedicated to preaching, teaching, providing humble and loving services  according to the needs of the Church in Myanmar.


SFX Sisters are also known as an Apostolic Religious Congregation in the Diocese of Pathein, Myanmar. Today the Congregation is increasing in number which now counts 432 Sisters both perpetual and temporal professed.  The Sisters are currently working in 13 Dioceses out of 16 Dioceses in Myanmar. The Congregation has in total 110 houses both in country and out country ( in Myanmar, the Philippines, the United States, Italy, Thailand and India).


The spirituality of the Congregation is expressed in the Logo of the Congregation which was composed of an anchor with a burning light on its top. The anchor symbolizes the contemplative dimension of the Congregation. The Anchor symbolizes the Faith. The Light symbolizes Jesus, the Light of the world. The Chain that attaches the anchor symbolizes the unity in Jesus with the Sister. The Sisters’ Faith is to be deepened in the Lord Jesus in order to share His Compassion with others by their loving witness to the Gospel.


The Sisters of St. Francis Xavier are called to be the light of Faith making God’s loving presence felt among people through their humble and loving services according to the needs of the Church in its mission. As Jesus is the Light of the world who enlightens and guides the Sisters, they in turn must be the light for others.


Being Poor in Spirit and Serving the Most Needy


God’s presence known and felt by uplifting the dignity of all people.


Deepening the experience of God in the Consecrated Religious Life.

Sharing the love of God both in Social and Pastoral works.

Strengthening the community life by promoting Congregational Governance’s capacity in accordance with sign of time.


email: st.francisxaviersrs@gmail.com



St. Peter's Cathedral, Mingyi Road, Pathein, 10011, Ayeyarwaddy Region, Myanmar

Phone: +95 042 24866

Email: st.francisxaviersrs@gmail.com



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