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Institute of the Sisters of Reparation


The Institute of the Sisters of Reparation, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, was founded by Fr. Carlo Salerio of the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions (PIME) and Mother Caroline Orsenigo, on the 2nd October 1859 in Milan, Italy.


The intention of instituting the Institute was:

·       to restore the lives of those girls who are with morality decline and save their souls.

·       to share with the Saviour in the great task of the salvation of the world, under the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to offer oneself as victim of reparation to atone for one’s own sins, for the sins of all humankind and for the sins committed against the Blessed Sacrament.

·       For the salvation of souls especially those most forlorn and despised, and for promoting their living standard by dedicating our lives in the apostolate.




The MOTTO of the Sisters of Reparation is “REDEMPTION THROUGH LOVE


What is the meaning of “our MOTTO”?


We are invited to carry our daily crosses in union with Christ Jesus to cooperate His redemptive work.


We are invited to share Jesus’ pain and to console Him. And also we are called to make reparation for the sins opposed to His love.


We are invited to live only for God and to be a new Mary for the salvation of mankind.


The flowers of Lily & Rose are the symbols of purity and charity. With their perfume they will tell the whole world that Redemption is possible only through love.


The CHARISM of the Sisters of Reparation is “REPARATION”. It is to make amends for the sin against the love of God.





The Sisters in the Institute of the Sisters of Reparation are Eucharistic Centered through the works of Reparation to save souls, to serve the Church and to develop the poor in the Mission lands.


The Sisters of Reparation are Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, dedicate themselves totally to the Church, by living the life-style of Reparation, Eucharistic Adoration, self-denial, atoning for the sins of the world, performing the works of mercy spiritually and temporally, and developing the poor, marginalized, and downtrodden in the Mission.



We are called “to do Reparation” in other words “to cooperate with Jesus in the work of Redemption” by offering oneself as victim of expiation and reparation.



According to the spirit that burned in the heart of the Founder, the Institute of the Sisters of Reparation, which was founded in Italy (in 1859), is serving the Church in the following countries as well:

Myanmar                          - 1895

Brazil                                - 1966

Philippines                        - 2002

Australia                           - 2005

Papua New Guinea           - 2005



Convents in Italy                                   - 10

Convents in Myanmar                            - 63

Convents in Brazil                                 -   4

Convent in Philippines                            -   1

Convent in Australia                              -   1

Convent in Papua New Guinea               -   1

TOTAL CONVENTS                              - 80 CONVENTS




Sisters in Italy                                                 = 113

Sisters in Myanmar                                         = 392

Sisters in Brazil                                               =   16

Sisters in Philippines                                        =     3

Sisters in Australia                                           =     5

Sisters in Papua New Guinea                           =     3


TOTAL SISTERS                                            = 532




Through the request of Msgr. Rocco Tornatore (PIME) the first (6) missionary Sisters started their mission works in Myanmar on 27th October 1895 at St. Joseph Convent in Taung Ngu. From then on until now the Institute of the Sisters of Reparation dedicate themselves for the salvation of souls and for the development of the mission in Myanmar.

Today (in year 2019), in Myanmar, there are:

  1. Taung Ngu Diocese               = 18 Convents                 

  2. Taunggyi Archdiocese            =   4 Convents                 

  3. Phekhon Diocese                  =   7 Convents                 

  4. Loikaw Diocese                               = 15 Convents                           

  5. Lashio Diocese                      =   9 Convents                           

  6. Mandalay Archdiocese           =   1 Convent                   

  7. Myitkyina Diocese                  =   2 Convents                 

  8. Banmaw Diocese                   =   2 Convents                 

  9. Yangon Archdiocese              =   3 Convents and 

10. Kyaingtong Diocese               =   2 Convents                 


Total Convents in Myanmar       = 63 Convents




Following Christ’s footsteps, the Sisters of Reparation, faithful to its Charism, will always be ready to take part in the various missionary activities in a spirit of Reparation.

Our Founder who was an ardent apostle who was always seeking for ways of helping souls was formerly PIME missionary had always been inspired by a missionary spirit. According to the spirit of our Founder, the Congregation of the Sisters of Reparation was born with both an Evangelical and Missionary spirit.

Our main Apostolic Activities are as follow:

·       Our main apostolic activities are: witness of Christ through Evangelization; collaborate with the priests, Bishops and other Religious Congregations in the local Church; working for the development of education for the girls; offer education on Christian faith to the children; helping in the formation of youths and parents; leading the Associations of Legion of Mary, St. Anne, St. Mary Magdalene, Children of Mary, Holy Childhood; pay visit to homes, hospitals, prisons, refugee camps, rehabilitation centers and leprosy colony; rendering services in health care, in the orphanages and at home for the aged.


Different stages of Formation program:


They are given a particular gift of Reparation from Jesus Christ who wishes to continue His salvific action in the world. The duration of this period is from 3 to 6 months. The purpose of this period is to accompany them in completing their human and Christian formation.



Postulancy is the period of trial and it is also the period for implanting the foundation of the religious building by picking up those tendencies and blessed habits which make the sacrifices of community life and the exercising of religious virtues so dear and delightful (Directory no. 32).

This is the period of (2) years: one year is in the formation house and the other is in the branch houses for trial.



The Novitiate marks the beginning of the religious life. The purpose of this period is to prepare for a life of total consecration in the Institute and a life of total transformation into Christ. This is the period that the novice prepares herself for the Profession of her vows: Chastity, Poverty, and obedience.

This preparation period lasts two years: Canonical year and Second year.



Temporary Profession      

  • Profession binds the Religious to follow Christ the Redeemer with generous souls and pure hearts, contributes towards making Jesus present in the Church and in the world.
  • The Reparatrix, in a particular manner, produce in her life the aspects of Jesus the Redeemer and Reparator, Victim for the sins of mankind. I offer myself as a victim of Reparation for your glory and the salvation of mankind.”
  • She receives the veil at the altar as a symbol of her detachment from the world.
  • The Book of the Constitutions and a mantle for solemn adoration are also delivered to her.
  • To deepen and complete their spiritual and apostolic formation, the Juniors are given a religious and apostolic formation, a doctrinal and a professional formation.
  • She embraces the community life and is introduced to the apostolic activities. Through her consecration, she has placed the whole of her being, at the Service of God in the Church and in the world. This period of Juniorate lasts for five years.

Perpetual Profession

  • Through her profession, the Sisters of Reparation cooperates with Jesus, the One and only mediator and Saviour in His work of Redemption for the glory of the Father and the salvation of her brothers and sisters.
  • She receives a golden ring as the Bride of the eternal king to whom she shall remain faithful forever.
  • Having recited the Act of Consecration, previously written by her, the Professed Sister places the sheet of paper on the altar and signs it.



Let us render our thanks to our Heavenly Spouse for having called us

to serve Him among the Sisters of Reparation.




Istituto Suore della Riparazione

Casa Generalizia

Via Padre Carlo Salerio, 53

20151 Milano



St. Joseph Convent

No. 55, Bo Hmu Pho Kun and

Khaymar Streets Corner

Taungngu, Myanmar

Tel. 054-23260